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Irrigation and Landscape System Services Ridgefield, CT

Enhance Your Environment with Irrigation, Lighting, and Water Features installed by Eco-Systems

What does Eco-Systems Service?

  • Installation of new halogen and LED systems
  • Service/repair of existing systems
  • Retrofit old systems to LED
  • Retrofit existing 120 volt systems to low voltage
  • Zoning
  • Upgrades to web/app-based controllers
  • Installation new of systems
  • Spring turn-on
  • Fall winterization
  • Water Audits
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Injection system
  • Lake pump installation/repair
Are you having trouble with your system? We've created a helpful guide to troubleshoot your irrigation system.

Sprinkler System Manuals in Ridgefield, CT

Hunter® Node Battery-Operator Controller
Node Battery Operated Controller Eco-Systems Redding, CT
Hunter® Pro-C Light Commercial and Residential Controller
Residential and Light Commercial Eco-Systems Redding, CT
Hunter® Commercial Irrigation Controller
Commercial Irrigation Controllers Eco-Systems Redding, CT

Irritrol® Total Control
Irritrol Total Control User Guide Eco-Systems Redding, CT
Rain Bird® ESP-LX+ and ESP-LXi+
Rain Bird Indoor Outdoor Models Eco-Systems Redding, CT
Rain Bird® ESP-4, ESP-6, ESP-8
Rain Bird Esp4 Esp6 Esp8 Eco-Systems Redding, CT

Rain Bird® WR2 Wireless Sensor
WR2 Wireless Sensor Eco-Systems Redding, CT

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