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Irrigation Systems in Westchester & Fairfield Counties

Enhance Your Environment with Irrigation, Lighting, and Water Features installed by Eco-Systems

Irrigation Systems Basics

The three main components of every irrigation system are the controller, station-control valves, and sprinklers. The controller is the brain of the system; it tells the control valves when and how long to supply water to the sprinklers. The sprinklers direct and control the water applied to the lawn and plants. Each valve controls a specific group of sprinklers called a “watering zone.” The stations are generally laid out and installed according to the type of plant materials to be watered, the location of the plant within the landscape and maximum amount of water that can be supplied. Each valve is connected to a numbered terminal within the controller, identifying it as “zone 1”, “zone 2”, etc. The controller operates the valves in order, one at a time. In other words, one zone waters completely before another zone turns on. This is called a watering cycle. The information stored in the controller memory determines when and how long each zone will water.
Irrigation Controller Yard Water Lines - Eco-Systems Redding, CT
Irrigation System Zones - Eco-Systems Redding, CT

Our Irrigation Installation Process

1. Utility Mark Out: Once a deposit and signed contract are received, we'll proceed with a call to "Call Before You Dig" as required by law. All underground public utilities in the area to be worked in (service lines for phone, cable, electric, gas and internet) will be marked. Gas lines that run to pools and grills, or electric lines that run to lamp posts and sheds will not be marked by the utility companies. This process can take up to a week to complete. We will locate all private lines the homeowner discloses to us on the day of installation.
Marking Sprinkler Heads - Eco-Systems Redding, CT

2. Day Of Installation: We'll arrive at your residence early in the morning to go over last minute details including controller location, plumbing location, any possible changes to the system or yard and your availability for a demonstration at the end of the day. All known underground lines will be located and property lines verified. Then we will use flags to mark where the sprinklers and valve boxes will be installed.
Irrigation Flags in Yard Eco-Systems Redding, CT

3. Plumbing The House: We will need access to your house to make the connection for the sprinkler system. The water will need to be turned off for up to 2 hours. A shut-off valve and interior drain will be installed so the system can be shut down for maintenance and winterization. This valve will be marked with a tag to prevent someone from opening it in the winter. A pipe will run to the outside of the house where a back flow prevention device and exterior drain will be installed. This device is required by law and is necessary to prevent water from coming back into the house. For the full irrigation installation process click here...
Shut-off Valves Eco-Systems Redding, CT

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Questions For Your Irrigation Contractor in Ridgefield, CT

  • Are you licensed and insured? Yes. All irrigation contractors need an irrigation license and need to be insured. Eco-Systems Inc. is licensed and insured. CT License #208694
  • What services do you provide and what is the cost? Eco-Systems Inc. provides after-sale services including spring start-up, seasonal maintenance, and fall winterization. This cost is provided in your estimate. All service and install crews use tablet-based software which provides crew members with detailed customer information. This includes location of all components, history, cost of services and repairs, and GPS location.
  • Do you offer a warranty? Yes. All of Eco-Systems Inc.'s work is guaranteed for three years.
  • What types of products will be used and why? Eco-System Inc. uses Rain Bird heads and valves and Irritrol controllers. Rain Bird is the world's leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment. Rain Bird rotaries and sprays have an industry leading wiper seal for pop-up and retraction and rain curtain nozzles to evenly distribute water. Rain Bird valves are reliable, service friendly and handle dirty water. Irritrol controllers are very user friendly, water tight and expandable. All fittings are Dura and sealed by Oetiker clamps for a leak free fitting lasting the life of the system.
  • Do you locate underground utilities? A “Call Before You Dig” service needs to be contacted by the contractor. This service takes two full working days to locate utilities but does not include underground dog fencing, lighting and drain pipes. Please notify Eco-Systems Inc. of these utilities and we will use a tracking device to locate them.
  • What is a back flow preventer and why is it required? A back flow preventer prevents the flow of irrigation water into the main water supply. Irrigation water can contain chemicals from lawn and plant treatments. A back flow preventer is required by law on all sprinkler systems.
  • Is it possible to use less sprinkler heads? Lawn heads (rotary) need to be spaced 30 to 35 feet apart. Spray heads used in garden beds and small lawn areas need to be spaced four to eight feet apart. Spacing sprinklers too far apart makes it impossible for certain areas to receive water which causes brown spots, dead plants and over-watered areas.
  • Is it possible to mix different sprinklers on the same zone? Mixing sprinklers with different application rates causes one area to be over-watered in order to sufficiently water another.


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